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TradeSafe is here to change how you buy and sell used goods. If you want to buy a Playstation in Boksburg, a kite in Llangebaan or a set of golf clubs in Bloemfontien, TradeSafe is the platform for you.

Online trading is full of fraudsters and with TradeSafe you can protect yourself from them and get the product you want, safely & securely.

Simply find what you want from your favourite online secondhand site and invite your counterpart to trade using the TradeSafe platform. Agree on a price and get all the details, pictures and documents uploaded into the trade. Transfer the funds to the audited Escrow Account and we will notify the seller once the funds have been cleared. They will send the item and you then have a pre-arranged inspection period to make sure you get what was advertised. If you are happy we release the funds. If not, you can renegotiate the terms of the trade or, as a final resort, use our arbitration service. Scams be gone!

Personal safety is a concern

Mon, Sep 09 2013
Safety is becoming a key factor why online consumers are reluctant to buy or sell goods using online classified websites. In acts of desperation, criminals are resorting to malicious and insidious acts of violence to get what they want. At TradeSafe, we reduce this risk significantly. If you select our preferred courier service (launching soon!), you will never interact with the counterparty...if you are buying goods, the only information the counterparty will have of you is your first name and email address!

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