SEO Scam

Posted by on Fri, Oct 25 2013 15:03:00

Beware of a Counterfeit SEO Company

The below article was written by Heinrich van den Worm and was published in the Junk Mail blog on 25 October 2013. It can be accessed here

Please take note of this very important information regarding the latest scam doing the rounds on online marketspaces.

It has been brought to our attention that a counterfeit SEO Company has been contacting our Traders claiming that they will “improve their visibility in Google searches”. Take note that this is a counterfeit SEO Company that will rob you of all your money!

This company also claim that they are working in conjunction with Junk Mail. We are not working together with such a third party SEO company providing SEO services to our clients on our behalf.

Please be vigilant about this, even if you are not a Trader. This goes for all Junk Mail users!

Take note that this counterfeit SEO company is contacting users from the following number 011 568 1333 and they are situated in the Johannesburg/Randburg area.


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