'Scam artist' hits Daisies fest fans

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This article which was written by Rebecca Jackman and Wendyl Martin was published on IOL on 5 October 2013. The original article can be accessed here.

'Scam artist' hits Daisies fest fans

Cape Town - An alleged scam artist, dubbed “the most unpopular man in Cape Town”, left dozens of revellers high and dry outside the gates of the highly-anticipated Rocking the Daisies festival in Darling – after he apparently sold them fraudulent tickets.

Festival organisers sounded the alarm on Thursday night, when they first began turning away partygoers who had all allegedly bought tickets from a man who goes by a variety of names, including Dustin Hermanus, Dustin H, Mike Pearce and Mikey P. His picture was also attached to the festival’s site.

It is believed his real name is Dustin Hermanus, and he allegedly sold the tickets on Gumtree earlier this year.

His advert went as follows: “4 earlybird rocking the daisies tickets.”

He claimed he had bought too many tickets, and that some of his friends could no longer make it.

Unfortunately for the buyers, he had bought the tickets with an allegedly stolen credit card.

Marc Bright, the festival’s financial director, said they believed Hermanus had bought about 40 tickets from online booking service Webtickets.

They would, however, only know definite numbers of people turned away by the end of the festival, which is now in its eighth year.

Bright added that Webtickets had spoken to Hermanus at the time, and he had given them an undertaking that he was not intending to sell on the tickets.

“He was quite clever how he did it,” said Bright.

“Thankfully Webtickets caught on. He was buying in batches of four or five.”

In two days, Hermanus managed to buy 40 tickets with the allegedly stolen card, after which Webtickets informed him they would be cancelled. But he apparently still sold them on.

Webtickets also issued social media warnings against buying tickets from third parties. Bright advised the victims to press charges but said they would also be looking at what potential action could be taken.

Anyone suspecting they may have a fraudulent ticket is advised to contact Webtickets to check.

One of those who were duped, 18-year-old

Vix Atkins, said she bought tickets off Gumtree from a man claiming to be Dustin Hermanus.

Atkins did not find out the tickets were fraudulent until she saw her name on a fraudulent ticket warning list on the Rocking the Daisies Facebook page.

Another partygoer, who did not want to be named, said he was almost scammed by Hermanus a few months ago.

Hermanus was allegedly selling full weekend passes on Gumtree.

The source provided contact details for Hermanus, but efforts to contact him proved fruitless.

The advert is no longer on Gumtree and Hermanus’s Facebook page has been removed.

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